1684 Johannes baptism, Emanuel possible grandfather

1730 marriage of Joh George Biechi and Susannah Stimpin

1747 Emanuel brother Johann Georg baptism

1751 Emanuel baptism

1761 Joh George death, father of emanuel

1775 Susannah death, mother of emanuel

1796 Emanuel Witness on Will

1802 Emanuel Naturalization 

1815 Emanuel purchase shares in Pa Turnpike

1821 Emanuel Behe Bill of Sale

1826 Joseph Beahy sale of slave girl Matilda

1853 Last Will of Joseph Beahy (son of Emanuel)

1858 Last Will Jacob Behe, son of Mathias

1877 Last Will Joseph Behe, son of Mathias

1878 Last Will Mathias Behe, and death certificate

1901 Joseph Beakey Americans of Gentle Birth book

1904 Last Will Henry Behe, son of Mathias